Salvation Is At Hand: November 28th, 2023

Sand-colored texture background. Front and center is an inverted falling angel, entangled in chains but bearing a key ring--suggesting it has freed itself. Text over the angel proclaims "salvation", while text below says "november 28". A black line art version of the Void Conspiracy logo is displayed in lower right.
The first full-length metal album from Jessica B. Kelly and the Void Conspiracy is nigh.

Release Date: November 28th

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth and not a few delays to get it right, we are committing to a final album release date for digital and physical distribution of November 28th, 2023.

Physical, you say? Yes, we are electing to do a very limited 100-disc run of 4-panel Digipaks because we know Salvation will be worth it. Details to follow.

The back cover and track listing:

Back album cover, showing a close up of the falling angel, the word Salvation over the top, and a track listing:
1. Death Cult
2. Salvation
3. Shadows Beneath The Skin
4. Respect By Choice II
5. Unspeakable
6. Nitroglycerin
7. Life, Death, and Resurrection
8. Divine Extortion
9. Viciously Yours
10. Eradication Campaign (In The Name of The Lord)

At the bottom is the Void Conspiracy logo and the text, "Jessica B. Kelly & The Void Conspiracy"

We figure that comes in close to 67 minutes–which seems kind of, y’know, wasteful if we’re going to print CDs. We need to think of the environment.

So it is very possible there will be three bonus tracks (on the digital versions, too, because we’re not that kind of asshole). One of these tracks will feature our close friend and co-Conspirator Mykie Frankenstein, fresh off the stress mountain of creating and producing his latest album, Walk the Earth, which you should definitely go listen to and support.

One Last Stop

So speaking of our close friend and co-Conspirator Mykie Frankenstein…

You’ve heard “Unspeakable,” “Salvation,” and about half a dozen versions of “Death Cult.” (Right? If not, please stop and go do that now.) But November 28th is still far off and things are tough all over. As a beacon of hope in these interesting times, we are electing to push one more single.

“Nitroglycerin” will be always be track six in our hearts (I don’t even know what this means), but you can hear it right now on our new PeerTube instance.

Long-time Jessica listeners may have heard some version of “Nitro” before, but not like this. You will understand when you get to the “featuring Mykie Frankenstein” part of the song. We can’t thank him enough for making this song so great.


  • By the way, we now have a PeerTube instance; not everything is there yet, but expect it to migrate soon–especially as BandCamp continues to melt down.
  • For the latest and greatest details (read: spoilers) on what is going on with the Conspiracy, please consider following these very fine Fediverse accounts:
  • We feel strongly about helping musicians and artists free themselves from the limitations, mechanisms, and structures that hold us back from creating, so please reach out to us if you want ideas or help in defying what denies you.
  • I have added “marketing intern” to my résumé.

Expect more details about the upcoming release and some of the process and bass lines behind it, at least until Jessica takes away my posting privileges.