Hey metal friends, Jessica here.

A dying friend that means the world to me told me to give to a certain charity in lieu of flowers or the like for their eventual, but likely imminent, passing. I gave my amount but decided that I could do more with the help of others. To this end, the band and I have authored a new four-song EP with the intent of donating all proceeds to that charity: One Voice Chorus of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, an LGBT choir.

This EP is one of tribute, rooted in both love and grief. I’ve known my friend for a decade and I am terribly sad to see them suffer and to eventually pass on from this world. Each song on this EP deals with a certain theme related to either love or grief, be it from the bittersweet opening instrumental, “Dolorosa”, the introspective cover of “Blood and Blackouts” by friend of the band, Mykie Frankenstein, to our special cover we arranged of a Blue Nagoon song, “This Isn’t Over Yet”, all the way through the final track, a rehabilitated (!) version of Hopes and Dreams (!!!).

We are hoping to make hope for those needing it. We honor my friend’s life and we hope that our gesture can help provide light to a community needing it in the current state of the world.

The EP is now available for purchase from our releases page.

Be good. Do good. Defy what denies you!