The Conspiracy

“Inferness” Jessica B. Kelly

Jessica is the guitarist and lyricist/vocalist for the conspiracy, lending her voice of shattered dreams to the music she creates. She can occasionally be found running amok and causing sonic chaos.

She is often lost in the Fediverse:

Nightmare Lyra

Nightmare Lyra is a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and producer. When she isn’t making noise in the duo Negative Øhio, she helps out mixing stuff for others, and has done so for several Jessica Kelly releases to date. She does not like long walks on the beach, but does enjoy bad movies and waffles.

Her works may be found at:


Venya plays bass. This is his chosen midlife crisis.

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Friend of the Conspiracy: Mykie Frankenstein

Mykie Frankenstein blends western motifs with gothic intrigue. He weaves haunting tales of isolation and regret resulting in an sonic journey across dusty prairies under a pallid moon.

He does vocals sometimes.

His website:
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