The Void Conspiracy Unveiled

Though our identity as a collective group is pretty new, this musical journey has been going for a while. Jessica’s musical vision is closely tied to her struggles, and we wanted a logo that reflected these symbolically (while also looking very cool).


  • The main triangle represents eternal life, magnum opus, and knowledge;
  • The icon on the left represents non-volatility; the chemical formula is for lithium carbonate;
  • The lower icon is the symbol for nitric acid and chemical formula for nitroglycerin;
  • The right icon represents spirit, volatility, and spite; the chemical formula is for blood hemoglobin.

Some of this may seem self-contradictory at first glance, but if you’ve been following Jessica on the Fediverse or checked our releases here or on BandCamp, the significance behind at least some of these will be readily apparent.

But while you might think you get it, I assure you: you haven’t really heard spirit, volatility, and spite yet. Not until you hear Salvation. But it’s coming, and very soon.